Find Out How You Can Get a Car Rental Deal.

Are you in need of a rental car? Have you shopped around and gotten the best possible deal. If you have rented cars in the past and have had lots of practice searching out the best deal then you have more than likely done quite well. The purpose of this article is to help the first time and novice car renters with advice on how to search out the best car rental deal.


If you have never rented a car before then you need some practice in searching out the best car rental deal. Shopping around for car rental is not unlike shopping for other products. When buying something you don't just choose the first item you find. You shop around and try to get the most value for your money.


The same is true when you rent a car. You should definitely make a list of all of the companies you contact and what they charge. When you've found the cheapest or best offer you need to contact them and see if possibly they can do even better.Another thing you should do is ask questions. Remember, if you don't ask you don't get. Many times you can get special rates if you ask nicely.


One thing you can try is to ask for the weekly rate.Sometimes if you're renting for 4 or more days rental companies will switch you to the weekly rate. This can result in substantial savings of 30-40%.If you're renting a car over the weekend you should ask if they have the weekend rate available.


Again, weekend rates can sometimes result in substantial savings and generally, you get the car from Friday noon until Monday morning.A final way to get the best car rental deal is to look online. Again, booking online with a credit card can result in substantial savings. Many companies give discounts of 10-20 percent when making your booking online.


Getting the best car rental deal is not as difficult as it sounds. By doing careful research and asking questions you can be assured that you will get the best rate possible.