The Stair Chairs of Evac+Chair are of unique construction which makes it easy for anyone with any type impaired mobility (permanent and/or temporary) to be navigated up and/or down a staircase in time of need. Evac+Chair of North America is the company that originated the stairway evacuation chair over 30 years ago. More than six occupants were rescued to safety during the World Trade Center Towers attack on September 11, using the evacuation chairs of Evac+Chair of North America.

The narrow profile, design and very light weight construction of the Evac+Chair stair chair means that its use as an evacuation chair does not interfere with the ascent and/or descent of first responders sharing the very narrow stairwell of the World Trade Center. The stair chair manufactured by Evac+Chair is engineered to maneuver smoothly and consistently using a patented continuous rotating V belt that ensures safety and allows the user to have total control of the chair’s descent speed down the stairs with relative ease, regardless of the passenger’s weight or size.

Prior to the World Trade Center Twin Towers attack, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has purchased well over 125 Evacuation Chairs (Rescue Chairs) manufactured by Evac+Chair of North America. When the World Trade Center Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2001; Several disabled workers (with impaired mobility) were prepared to put the Stair Chairs by Evac+Chair of North America into action. These disabled workers were aided by fellow employees utilizing the Stair Chairs of Evac+Chair, including John Abruzzo, who in the aftermath contacted Evac+Chair of North America for a special thanks for the rescue chair (evacuation chair) by Evac+Chair of North America.

John Abruzzo (9/11 survivor), a staff accountant for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was working at his computer on the 69th floor of One World Trade Center when the first hijacked jet sliced into the tower. "It felt like the building was punched," he says. "My desk faces north the side the airplane hit. Paper was just coming down. Worse, the building swayed--and only in one direction says John.

By the time John Abruzzo, a C5-6 quad, had maneuvered his power wheel chair into the hallway, he saw only 10 of his coworkers--everyone else had already evacuated. A co-worker located one the the many EVAC+CHAIR's located throughout the building and transferred John Abruzzo out of his new, customized Arrow into the Evacuation Chair of Evac+Chair of North America rescue device, which resembles a sled-like component that takes their place when going down stairs.

The survivors and their rescuers reported that they were able to make their way down the stairs as firefighters came up without any interference. It doesn’t take a level of disaster such as the Twin Towers attack to keep in mind the importance of getting all occupants out of any multi-story building or large venue to safely. Anyone who needs assistance down a stair case for any reason, in any building, in any situation that requires evacuation, can be helped to safety with any model of the product line of stair chairs and/or rescue chairs (evacuation chair) made by Evac+Chair of North America.

Evac+Chair of North America, manufacturers of Stair Chair Descent Devices (evacuation chairs or evac chair), as well as a complete line of evacuation system devices and peripherals, utilized to assist in the emergency evacuation of people with mobility needs from buildings or homes with more than one level. Although the product line of Evac+Chair is considered emergency evacuation chairs utilized for emergency stairway chair purposes only, however the staircase chairs can be utilized for several other real life scenarios as well. Any building and/or private home with a malfunctioning elevator and/or staircase, could easily make use of Evac+Chairs staircase chairs and/or rescue chair. Although the handicapped evacuation chair was utilized and successful during 9/11,evacuation chair was utilized and successful during 9/11, these stair chairs can be utilized for any free standing building with more than one floor.

Evac Staircase Chairs by Evac+Chair of North America, are not only for people who are disabled, but also for people with sudden mobility impairment or temporary mobility impairment due to surgery or unexpected injury. You may have walked up the stairs at any given venue and/or building with more than one floor, however you experienced a sudden injury and now faced with impaired mobility to the extent you can not walk down the stairs. This would include, but not be limited to; heart attack, seizure or even a major asthma attack. Suddenly, you are faced with challenge of staircase navigation maneuverability. Any building consisting of more than one level, should possess an emergency stair chair by Evac+Chair of North American in place for that very reason. Being prepared for such an event can save time which has been proven to be a factor in saving lives.

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Developed in New York City in 1982, EVAC+CHAIR® is the global industry standard for lightweight, portable evacuation chairs. Today the company sells internationally to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities as well as residential and commercial high-rise buildings. Our Staircase Chairs can be utilized in any multi-story building where any tenant or occupant who needs help for any reason can get down the stairs in a safe manner. The design of our Stair Chairs possess a narrow profile which allows first responders and other building occupants to ascend or descend staircases during an emergency without interference. It's unique design allows first responders to assist anyone with mobility impairments with relative ease. A video demonstration of our Stair Chairs is available for viewing at:

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