IDetect, Incorporated. distributes their IDetect Handheld ID Scanner and their IDetect Wall Mount ID Scanner to various government agencies around the nation. The Identification Scanners are used to alert employees of a terrorist watch list match from a scanned ID, people who are using fake or tampered IDs, and those who have a message associated with their ID. With the id scanners of IDetect, a message can be associated with the identification of any person or patron. The ID Scanners also have the ability to automatically store a picture of the person entering and the ID that was used as well as capture the signature of the entrant. With all the features of IDetect Identification Scanners, there is no need or convern of a security leak. Prior to the government agencies utilizing IDetect ID Scanners, there were several problems with id verification.

Now with a simple swipe of any government agency issued ID, the user of the IDetect system quickly can determine whether the scanned ID is real, tempered with, part of a Watch List, or has a special directive associated with it. Some of these agencies can actually use the scanners to track where certain individuals have been and at what date and time. The Intrepid on the Hudson River of New York City uses the IDetect Handhelds ID Scanner to quickly identify and stop vehicles at their main gate. According to the head of security for the Intrepid, the gate security personnel would not know if the driver of a delivery truck about to enter their pier had given them a fake or tampered with Drivers License, or if it were actually real. Also, the head of security adds, if we had any warnings on a particular driver we would not know quickly enough to stop this person at the gate. The use of IDetect ID Scanner allows us to quickly identify if the ID presented is real, not tampered with, and if we have to stop this driver for any other reason all in a swipe of their ID. The IDetect ID Scanner is very easy to use and proven to be highly effective. IDetect’s ID Scanners capability has many innovative uses and is in practice all over North America and Canada. Most notably, it lowers liability because of the inability for flagged people to enter a facility. It takes the pressure off of ingress security personnel to the point where their time is free to concentrate on other tasks. The IDetect ID Scanners have already shown to be very useful for other markets such as bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, convenience stores, casinos, colleges, universities, festivals, hotels, corporate human resource departments, and special events.

IDetect ID scanners existing technology that is utilized for government installations to flag ID’s is the IDetect Wall Mount License Scanner, IDetect Handheld ID Scanner, and the IDetect LITE scanner. IDetect Age Verification systems have been successfully utilized for more than 20 years in many vertical markets throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. More and more markets continue to emerge.

IDetect ID Age scanners come ready to use out of the box. They come with all necessary accompanying hardware and the IDetect System Manager which is used on a desktop PC to synchronize with the IDetect scanners and perform the real time networking feature. They are easy to use, very fast, and very effective in stopping, tampered with IDs, shared ID’s, and entrants who are banned for any reason. They alert the door people within 1/4 of a second whether an entrant is a threat in any way and directs the user on what action to take. IDetect ID Scanners keep an automated list of all pertinent records collected at the entrance which can be used to assist law enforcement in case of an altercation, or if a previous entrant needs to be found.

IDetect Age Verification ID Scanners full functionality have assisted in apprehending five separate perpetrators of various crimes throughout North America by utilizing IDetect’s exclusive entrant picture, and data collected from the ID Scan. Automatically upon an identification scan, the entrant’s picture is automatically taken and saved with entry information, and then in one step the actual ID picture is taken and also saved. The picture is clear, exact, and can be used to locate any individual in seconds. It is fast, accurate, and protects the user from liability, fines, and liquor license and tobacco license revocation. This feature, coupled with the automatic picture of the entrant, and the IDetect ID scanner’s time and date stamp entry history feature, is pertinent information that assists in leading an investigation.

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About IDetect, Inc.
Founded in 1989, IDetect has been providing leading edge technology, consisting of touch screen operation, wireless communication, easy to use barcode, smartcard, and magnetic ID scanners to government agencies, casinos, yacht clubs, exclusive clubs, bars, schools, liquor and tobacco license holders in North America. IDetect portable and wall mount ID scanners perform age verification, access control, lead capture, and marketing. All related information can be found at