1. Understand that the inspection is an integral part of the home buying process. In New Jersey most homes under contract have inspections. The purpose of the home inspection is to give the buyers objective information about the home that they are considering purchasing. 2. Make all areas of the home visible for the New Jersey inspector. Remove storage that blocks interior areas. Remove storage items and shelving in the garage so the interior can be properly viewed. Make sure that the basement and the attic are clutter free. The home inspector will have an easier time inspecting the home. This will also help to put the purchaser at ease because they will not think that you are trying to hide something with the storage. A home free from clutter always gives the buyer more confidence in their purchase decisions. 3. try not take it personally when the home inspector finds problems. A seasoned NJ home inspector will always find concerns. Finding problems and potential problems is the job of the home inspector. Its not a reflection on you if the home inspector finds something. Try to relax and understand that the home inspector is just doing his or her job for the customer. 4. It is a very good idea to leave the home when the home inspection is being performed. Its human nature to get defensive and upset about problems found in the home. Have the realtors stay for the inspection, take your self out of that stressful situation. 5. Repair problem areas before the home inspection. Get issues repaired or replaced before the inspection so that the problems will not come up. Try to do this for all of the problems that you are aware of. The fewer concerns that come up the better opinion the buyers will have about the house they are planning on purchasing. If there is a long list of problem areas the buyers may feel overwhelmed.