Information that detectives culled from a scanner at Stereo helped cops find Eric Lee, a Yonkers man they charged in the death of Brione Schneider, who was shot near the now-shuttered West 29th Street hot spot on Jan. 10.

Stereo's owners, after being told that investigators believed the killer and victim had both been at the club that night, turned over a scanned list of 200 patrons to cops, who sifted through the data to pinpoint Lee as the suspect.

The machines not only check for fake IDs, they also record a person's name, driver's license, address, date of birth and the time of the scan.

Down the block at Sol, a scanner is helping cops probe another shooting in January, said the club's owner, Paul Seres. "The detectives just picked up the list," he said. "We've had incidents where the police have come and looked at the information from the scanner. Obviously, it becomes a really good tool for them."

Dozens of club owners began using the scanners in the wake of the murder of Jennifer Moore, an 18-year-old from New Jersey who was abducted, raped and strangled after partying at Guest House on West 27th Street in July 2006.

Her slaying and a Post series exposing teen drinking at the clubs spurred cops to create the Club Enforcement Initiative.