It is always said that “first impression is the last impression”. This proverb is absolutely perfect for the websites. A website is your online representative. It sells your products or services 24x7. So it is very much necessary that your website should deliver a clear and fair view of your company and your products or services. Before designing a website few basic things should be always kept in your mind.
a) Content is King: Content retains your potential customers into your website. Content attracts traffic to your site. Content is the most vital part of your site. Websites with keywords enriched content prevails in the industry. Before designing the website you should keep in mind that there should be places for placing the contents. Search engines like Google are fond of content. It also helps you to gain and retain the top positions in the search engines. This is why it is important to employ a professional web designer and hosting company.

b) Keep emphasis onto subject: It is very much important to keep emphasis onto your subject. It is not a great idea to be all in one. Just keep your goal in mind. Don’t try to make your site highly designed one or use too much flashy things. Design your site in a way that absolutely matches your business. Always keep in mind the ultimate goal of the website. Design your whole site not the page only.

c) Create Impression: Try to create the impression on the very first look. The first impression at your site can convert the visitors into the permanent buyers. Give the brief idea about your company and your products or services at a glance. Attract them to the inner pages quickly. Convince them to buy your products or services and fulfill your target.

d) Professional Look: Give your site an elegant look and feel. Your site should make sense to the visitors. It will increase the chances of sales. A site with professional look gives the potential buyers an indication that these persons are serious in their business.

e) Easy Navigation: Make your site easily navigable from one page to every page. It will help the visitors to navigate all around the website. Besides it will help the search engines to crawl your site easily. Make the links to your product pages more visible so that the potential buyers can reach their easily.
f) Business Information: Make your business name, address, phone number, email addresses and other means of communication visible on every page. If the customers want they can contact you easily.

g) Multi Browser Compatibility: Make your site multi browser compatible so that the site looks same in every browser. You must keep in mind these important factors before designing a website. There are several web designing development & SEO companies who work for a reasonable price. Professional web designing companies provide the most effective customized web solutions to its clients. They are capable of providing a wide range of services. You can depend on the fact that all the technical, creative, legal and administrative aspects of your project will be in efficient hands.

About Author: Abir Roychowdhury is a professional Internet marketer.