Are you renting a car at the Airport?

Have you thought about where you're going to pick up your car? If you are flying on your holiday or business trip you may want to consider an airport car rental. Airport car rentals offer fast, convenient service, making it possible for you to collect your bags and your transport in the same place.


The purpose of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of airport car rentals and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding them.


How much choice will I have in doing an airport car rental?

That depends on the airport as some are bigger than others. However, most of the major car rental companies are represented at most major US airports.

Do airport car rentals always cost more money?

No not always, the best thing you can do to avoid paying premium rates is to book ahead. The more advanced notice you give generally the better rate you get. Also check to see if there are any weekend packages or weeklyrates that you can have. It?s worth asking because it can save you loads of money.

Why should I consider an airport car rental? Airport car rentals are very convenient. Imagine that you have been flying for hours. Once you have landed you have to navigate your way through an unfamiliar airport to get your baggage. After all of this are you going to be up to navigating a strange cities public transport system.

Also, are you going to want to spend time trying to get a taxi let alone paying the huge fairs to get you where you need to go. An airport car rental will make all of these problems go away. You can have your rental car literally minutes and be on your way to relaxing on your holiday.Consider an airport car rental. The time saved and added convenience could make it worth any added expense.