Trans Solutions was conceived to take up projects in Medical, Legal & General Transcription allied with Software development services. We are based in New Delhi, India which is renowned for its highly skilled and efficient human resource pool offering quality services all over the world.We offer quality solutions at affordable cost through our highly efficient processes and exceptionally skilled professionals. Quality has always been the top priority at Trans Solutions. We believe in cultivating a work environment that motivates and encourages an individual to push his limits with constant learning and updation of skills, while being a true team player ready to walk an extra mile to achieve a common goal.Provides accurate, top quality transcription and technology to Hospitals, Courts, Private Clinics, Meetings, Interviews/GDs, Lawyers, Doctors, Transcription companies and Others at a competitive price, delivered in an expedient and friendly manner, using the latest technology available and in the process provide employment opportunities to young and dynamic Indian Transcriptionists. We believe that true value of outsourcing is more than just saving you money. It is about providing you a service which is efficient, cost effective, and tailored to your needs. We strive to provide you with a customized solution that will help you gain a competitive advantage in your business and positively impact to your cash flow and bottom line.STRENGTHSWe at Trans Solutions consider our employees as our biggest strength.The employees along with the Management work as a SOLID TEAM in executing the most critical data smoothly. Strength = Highly Experienced TEAMAverage Experience of total Employees is 2.5 Years.USPTo adapt to the needs of a physician and generate accurate and secure medical transcripts. Consistent Performance Tracking (CPT):Our entire Transactions Department works to achieve two primary goals - customer satisfaction and productivity. Voice of the customer feedback is used to modify workflow and QA processes, resulting in faster turn-around-time (TAT) and improved accuracy. Benefits you derive by associating with us:? Accurate Medical Transcripts: Accuracy of patient demographics and medical content is maintained in all reports, and comply with International standards of Quality.? Complete Information Security: Our staff, technical and physical infrastructure complies with the confidentiality agreement and work agreement.? Timely Delivery-From 12 hrs STAT reports to 24 hrs.