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Protect your liquor license from fines or revocation, by using IDetect ID Scanners! Why not give your liquor/tobacco license a guarantee with the only ID scanning system that also takes an automatic photo of the entrant and the front of their ID for complete protection. Even does SIGNATURE CAPTURE!!

Checks for underage, banned, shared, and tampered with IDs all within 1/4 second. ABC/LCB and Law Enforcement endorsed.
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Latest Articles / Press Releases
IDetect Introduces Low Cost Handheld ID Verification Scanner

ID Scanner Tough Low Cost Mobile Corporate / University / ID Verification and Driver License Age Verifier. IDetect, Inc. releases its new IDetect LITE ID Scanner Age Verification scanner, a low cost, ruggedized, easy to use portable 3D barcode reader and magnetic strip reader for college id,...

ID Scanners | Where and How to Buy ID Scanners

ID Scanners are a useful solution for anyone who has the need to scan ID cards indoor or outdoor to verify the age of a patron at a bar or night club. ID Scanning devices are also used at liquor stores or any public venue that requires a minimum age requirement. Today, there is no problem of...

ID Scanners | Nightclub Age Verification Scanners

IDetect Barcode Scanner MSR wireless WIFI ID Scanner shares entry information with other ID Scanners in real-time.

ID Scanner News | Verify Patron Age

In an attempt to combat the use of false identification in alcohol and tobacco purchases, the Department of Public Safety is encouraging businesses where age verification is required, to implement an identification scanner that would make fake IDs useless.

ID Scanners Internet Connectivity Protects All Locations

IDetect Barcode/MSR wireless WIFI Handheld ID Scanner shares entry information with other ID Scanners with internet connectivity. ID Scanning software that can access the internet and connect to other age verification systems.

ID Scanners Company Introduction

IDetect, Inc. first began in the night club industry in 1995 when there was an immediate need for mailing list automation. Subsequent to fulfilling this need we learned that along the process we were fulfilling another urgent need: Identification Verification and Entrance Security.

ID Scanners Help Cops Nail Suspects

ID scanners, which police pushed on nightspots after The Post exposed rampant underage drinking in clubland, are now helping solve crimes, club owners and cops say.

ID Scanners Protects the USS Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum

The Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum Institutes The IDetect ID Scanner To Protect Against Unlawful Entry. ID Scanners by IDetect protects the Intrepid located on the Hudson River of New York City from unlawful entry. In the past, our security personnel would not know if a driver of a delivery...

ID Scanner | Definition | How do they Work?

An ID card scanner is an electronic device that reads the data stored on a driver’s license data stripe and displays it on a screen. Many can also scan state IDs and military IDs. An ID scanner clearly displays the age of the customer and makes it easy for a bouncer, bartender or clerk...

FBI Selects IDetect ID Scanners

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has selected IDetect ID Scanners for their Public Office Visitors Centers across the United States of America.

Red Bull Selects Id Scanners from IDetect, Inc.

Red Bull Air Race Event raises concern for security. Red Bull Selects IDetect, Inc. Hand-held ID Scanners for proven performance, reliability and accuracy at all security check points.

Government Agency Implement IDetect ID Scanners

IDetect, Inc. supplies their IDetect Handheld ID Scanner and their IDetect Wall Mount ID Scanner to various government agencies around the nation. The Identification Scanners are used to alert users of a terrorist watch list match from a scanned ID, people who are using fake or tampered with...

Harrah's Casino Implemented ID Scanners

IDetect, Inc. supplies their IDetect Handheld ID Scanner / wireless ID Scanning system to Harrah’s International of Saint Louis, MO to quickly identify and stop under aged entrants on their casino floor. According to the head of security for Harrah’s hotel and casino, security...

Drivers License Scanners Detects ID Scratching

IDetect Barcode/MSR ID Scanner and ID Scanning Software easily detects “ID Scratched” IDs that kids are doing today. IDetect drivers license scanners have also been used to stop the new threat in ID falsification. ID Scanners or Age Verification Scanners by IDetect will protect...

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